Adoptable Horses

If you think you have room in your heart for one of these lovely equines, please contact us at for more information on our adoption process.


Adoption Pending

Breed: Quarter Horse

Sex: Gelding

Color: Buckskin

Age: 12

Height: 14.2 hands

This plucky gelding was rescued on June 2nd, 2017. A month after his arrival, Gryffindor, known around the stable as “Gryff”, began working with our trainers. He is easy to handle and very good with kids. Check out this video to see his jumping skills. We’re having a great time with Gryff, and we know you will, too!  Adopt him, and you’ll be assured a companion for your next adventure.


Breed: Thoroughbred/Andalusian Cross

Sex: Mare

Color: Fleabitten Grey

Age: 8

Height: 15.2 hands

LuLu was rescued in Spring 2015 from an at-risk auction along with her sister Mya and son Malcolm. She is currently in training and will be a wonderful hunter, dressage, or eventing prospect with more miles. This mare boasts extremely smooth, even gaits and a sweet, affectionate temperament.


Breed: Mustang

Sex: Gelding

Color: Bay

Age: Late 20s

Height: 14.1 hands

Puck is a senior horse available for in-house adoption only. Dependable and easy-going, he will do anything you ask in a relaxed manner. Puck is the perfect choice for your child’s first horse.

  • Puck


Adoption Pending

Breed: Morgan/Andalusian Cross

Sex: Mare

Color: Fleabitten Grey

Age: 11

Height: 15.0 hands

With a slightly heavier build than her sister, LuLu, Mya is well-suited to be your family’s all-around pleasure horse. She is just as easy-going on trail as she is toting small children around during pony rides. Are you an intermediate rider looking for your first horse? Maybe you’ve been searching for a horse you and your children can share? Look no further than Mya!

If you think you have room in your heart for one of these lovely equines, please contact us at for more information on our adoption process.

Sponsor a Horse

If you are considering adoption and are curious about the responsibility involved in owning a horse, you might be a great match for one of our horses available for on-site sponsorship. Several of our successful rescues have found a home at PFF but are seeking a one-on-one relationship with a particular rider in order to thrive and be truly content. Would you consider forming a bond with one of these great educators?

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Registered Name: Launchbreak

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sex: Mare

Color: Bay

Age: 20

Height: 16.1 hands

Launchbreak, known as “L.B.”, is a member horse living at Prairie Fire Farms who is available for on-site lease. This mare is an athlete who loves to jump and is experienced in dressage. If you are looking for an equine partner with plenty of get-up to push your English riding to the next level, come and meet L.B.!