Rubs for Rescues

massage-2-2 My name is Cindy Weaver, and I am a certified equine sports massage therapist. I have 30 years of horse-related experience and have owned 6 horses over my lifetime, including my current American Quarter Horse filly, Ginger. In 2010, I began volunteering at Prairie Fire Farms, assisting with barn work and exercising horses. Today, I am the Grant Committee Chair for the foundation.

In August 2013, I attended Equissage, Inc. and received my certification. As an equine sports massage therapist, I understand that the equine muscular system, responsible for motion, makes up 60% of a horse’s total body weight. Among other benefits, massage therapy improves circulation, relieves congestion, and relaxes muscle spasms.

For a $25 donation, you can provide one of the PFF rescue horses with a therapeutic massage. Clicking the PayPal button below will allow you to donate directly to Rubs for Rescues. If you have a specific horse you are buying the massage for, please specify in the Notes section during checkout.