Our Horses



Popular with intermediate riders, James is a talented jumper who came to us green. Alongside his enthusiasm for clearing fences, this Thoroughbred gelding enjoys participating in our summer camp programs.








This gorgeous Andalusian X came to PFF in Spring of 2015 by way of an at-risk auction. Currently in training, LuLu has excellent conformation and has shown loads of potential in the hunter/jumper discipline while working with her sponsor family. Learn more about this flashy mare on our Adoptable Horses page. I’m currently half-leased by a wonderful mother and daughter!




Schooled in classical dressage and jumping, this Oldenburg gelding is a wonderful addition to our farm, where he helps to hone the skills of our instructors and trainers.








The gentlest of mustangs, Puck is our go-to horse for little riders. He never misses a beat in our community programs. This handy pony is looking for a family to call his own. To read more about Puck, check out our Adoptable Horses page.





Since her arrival in Spring of 2015, this pretty Andalusian X mare has shown herself to be a sensible helper during our events on and off site. Mya is level-headed and expresses a maternal demeanor towards young horses and children. I am currently half-leased with an adoption in progress!




 “Gryff” is a handsome Quarter Horse gelding who makes any rider look like a natural.  I am now being sponsored with an adoption in progress!








This sensitive Appendix gelding joined PFF in 2011. More than anything, Truper loves to spend his time surrounded by children.







One of our founding horses, Monte is an Off-the-Track Thoroughbred who excels in his career as a lesson horse. A portion of my care is covered by a sponsor!






Miniature Horses

An integral part of operations at PFF, Tessa, Fancy, BB, Earl, and Billy are a family of feisty miniature horses who are a favorite with visitors who may be a little intimidated by our larger equine residents. You will often find our minis at community events, where they serve as ambassadors for the foundation.

BB & Earl