Our Partners

13174162_583923155118495_8091407104835607759_n-2WHOA, LLC – Working Horse Owner’s Advantage (WHOA!) provides equine services, including lessons, training, and tack sales, and is also a full-service venue and rental company.

1923996_1107438692621002_4105831099983328939_nReclaiming the Reins – Reclaiming the Reins is an equine therapy and education program for veterans and first respondents affected by PTSD. The focus of this group is training, information, and development. RTR is currently seeking participants. 

Rubs for Rescues – Certified equine massage therapist Cindy Weaver uses her skills to treat physical discomfort in horses. This can alleviate symptoms like head tossing, resisting neck motion to the opposite side, and hip and shoulder lameness. Many of our rescues can benefit from massage to relax muscle spasms, relieve congestion, and improve circulation. For a $25 donation, you can provide one of the rescued horses with a massage. Consider donating to therapeutic massage for our horses today!