Community Programs

Time and again, our rescue horses have demonstrated the profound positive effects working with equines can have on the people who care for them. Our foundation and member horses provide equine-assisted therapy, interact with low-income and at-risk youth, and appear in community events that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.


PFF offers a decompression space for veterans through ongoing partnerships with local legions and Reclaiming the Reins equine-assisted therapy. We encourage veterans to utilize our facility as a productive volunteer space and as a space to connect with their families. Over the next year, we will be implementing strategies to make our facility optimally accessible for veterans and family members with limited mobility.

Low-income Families

PFF partners with Milton Hershey School, a private education facility for children from lower-income families, to host barn visits several times per year. Instruction in equine care, safety, and riding teaches patience, work ethic, discipline, and confidence.

In 2014, we instituted the Winnie’s Way Scholarship, named for our very first lesson horse. This scholarship allows a child of low-income background to attend a week-long PFF summer camp session in which he or she will learn about horse care, equine safety, and horseback riding. Children ages 9-12 are eligible. Do you know a child who would benefit from learning to ride and care for a horse?

At-risk Youth

In partnership with Schaffner Youth Center, PFF offers a unique way to fulfill community service requirements. This provides the participants an alternative means of learning responsibility and respect.