Sponsor a Project

Anyone who grew up on a farm will tell you that there are always renovations to be made. We’ve created an ambitious list of projects for PFF. Sometimes big changes can seem downright overwhelming, but we believe that the possibilities for our community programming are endless. Here’s our current list including needed maintenance and ideas for innovation.

ADA Initiatives

  • Add an addition on to barn to include offices, classroom, handicap-accessible bathrooms, all ADA
  • Renovate current house on property so that it is ADA accredited

Barn Renovations

  • Indoor arena to provide programming in winter/inclement weather
  • Manure container
  • 2 stable sheds
  • Pond filtration system
  • Automatic waterers, rubber mats, and metal gates for stalls
  • Stone and arena footing
  • New siding, windows, doors, flooring for barn
  • 4-6 horse trailer
  • Farm truck
  • Weedwacker with edging attachment
  • Plow for bobcat

Continuing Education

  • Sponsorship for trainer certifications (CHA, PATH, Assisted therapy)
  • Mobile home to serve as intern living quarters on property